Commitment to Quality


In a rapidly changing industry, Impact has maintained its culture of quality and efficiency throughout the years. By understanding that the standards within the cleaning industry are constantly changing, Impact strives to offer the top level of services with its practices and procedures. To ensure this, Impact recently participated in an audit by the ISSA for their CIMS and CIMS-GB certifications. Not only did Impact achieve company-wide CIMS and CIMS-GB designation, but achieved it with an Honours designation. Compliancy with CIMS Standards demonstrates our organization is structured to deliver consistent quality services that are designed to exceed the customer’s needs and expectations.

Impact supervisors are also equipped with tablets and smartphones complete with Cleantelligent software, which allows Impact, and our clients, to view real-time cleaning data and metrics. Our Cleantelligent software also gives Impact clients access to a work order system. By entering any request through the system, our supervision staff can receive it in real-time and be able to address the request immediately.


Impact employs the use of a variety of technologies that allow us to maximize our cost-effectiveness in the workplace. Our biometric time and attendance units allow us to achieve maximum effectiveness with job costing, as well allow us to realize environmental savings through the use of paperless payroll procedures. Impact also dedicates countless hours to risk mitigation programs and technologies, which helps reduce the total cost of liability within ours, and our Clients, operations.


Professional management and supervision are two indispensable components of our proposed work plan and are at the core of our operating philosophy. Our primary focus will be on results driven performance relative to an established set of standards and specifications for cleanliness.

Our site supervisors will participate the day-to-day operations at each site. They facilitate primary communication with the building management and are directly accountable for the successful maintenance of the facility. They have direct responsibility for achieving standards for cleanliness, while remaining conscious of building security, employee safety, and overall productivity. Daily and weekly inspections as well as random inspections by senior staff are integral to maintaining a high quality standard.


Impact’s quality measurements play an integral role in our Quality Assurance Program. One of the major key features of our Quality Assurance Program is our mobile technology software, CleanTelligent. CleanTelligent is software that allows our senior team to operate and manage workplaces efficiently and communicate with clients in real time. Through this software and the ease of mobility with the use of tablets and/or smart phones, we are able to instantly upload inspections, work orders, estimates and much more, all accessible to our clients at any time via an online account. Some of the main benefits include:


  • Track requests, issues, and response times.
  • View inspection results based on your exact contract specifications.
  • Easily compile graphical analysis of our performance.


  • Within seconds, submit a request directly to Impact from your computer.
  • Accountable personnel are immediately notified.
  • You receive attention and a response to your request in real time.


  • Total Quality Control and transparency is achieved through online surveys, inspections, and more.
  • Automatic escalation is in place to ensure deficiencies are corrected every time.
  • We perform and record inspections to ensure expectations are exceeded.